Supernatural Childbirth!

“I bless the name of the Lord because He has been faithful to me and my family. I have been trusting God to bless me with the fruit of womb. My daddy, Pastor Dr. Samuel Adeagbo, said a word of faith and he prayed with me. I kept on praying and believing God. Indeed, my God of possibility answered me. A prophecy was said unto me during the revival of ‘Koseunti’ 2018, through a man of God. I held unto to that prophesy with faith and it came to pass.
God saw me through all the period of pregnancy, there was no complication or sickness whatsoever. With faith, I prayed to God that my delivery shall be a natural birth with ease; no caesarian section. It was so! Glory to God! Mother and daughter are doing good for the Lord.”

- Tolu

Commotion of Breakthroughs!

“I want to thank God for the teachings on faith from the man of God, Pastor Dr. Samuel Adeagbo. God really used him for me. First, I testify of the miraculous financial provisions for my children’s fees, after the teaching on the ‘wonders of faith.’ Second, I claimed healing on my sight and took a step of faith to stop using glasses after 5 years. To God be the glory. Third, I have been inspired to take some bold steps in the Church, and God has been glorified as positive results followed.
Moreover the teaching of faith has drawn me to studying the Word of God more; as I have learnt that the basis of faith is the Word of God, and when we read and apply it to any situation, it produces wonders. Thank you man of God for this great teachings.”

- Rev. Mrs Ruth

Supernatural Job Restoration!

“I give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; to the Lord Jesus our Redeemer, Savior and High Priest; and to the Holy Spirit our Paraclete. Thus far, my entire Christian journey has been a lifestyle of crazy faith in God, all the way. My Faith in God has continued to produce many groundbreaking miracles. One of such miracles took place in May 2017 when my contract with the corporation I have been working for a decade ended, suddenly. I did not lose hope, in fact, I remembered one of the sermons our father in the Lord, Pastor (Dr.) Samuel Adeagbo, preached on the Force of Faith.
Immediately, one of his bullet points jumped at me; “God honors Faith and Faith honors God.” Right there and then, I went to the King of all kings on my knees, together with my family in prayer, and appreciated Him for Who He is. I expressed my desire to Him and backed it up with a vow. I also went to my father in the Lord, Dr. Samuel Adeagbo, for a prayer of agreement.
Lo and behold, in July 2017, after one whole month of well-deserved vacation, the Lord opened another door by helping me to sign a new contract elsewhere. Without delay, my vow was redeemed to God. Indeed, Faith is not cheap! The Scripture states in Hebrews 11:6 that without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. No matter what you may be going through right now, friends, believe God for your situation, trust Him and obey Him and His Words. Truly, there will be a light at the end of your tunnel. You will have a groundbreaking testimony in Jesus Name.”

- Pastor B. Odunlami

Family Reunion!

“Pastor Samuel Adeagbo is an Apostle of faith. He speaks faith, teaches faith and also lives a
life of faith. Working closely with him for many years, not counting the University days, I have come to realize that what he preaches is the life he lives. I am a beneficiary of my association with this great man of God. I was here in the U.S. without my family several years ago, and every effort made to bring my family was aborted one way of another. One day, this man of God prophesied and said, ‘Your family will be here like lightning, suddenly.’ I received the prophecy and started working on the paperwork for my family to join me.
Not long after, just as he declared, the visa was granted, tickets purchased and my family joined me, suddenly. This is just one of the several instances of pronouncements of faith from this man of God that came to pass, literally. This is how God has honored the ministry of our father in the area of faith. To God be the glory, who gives him this opportunity to write this book on faith, which I believe it has been long overdue. Through this medium, many children of God will benefit immensely from the ministry God has committed to His servant.”

- Pastor (Dr.) Ebenezer Bankole (California, USA)

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